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Submitting Art to Art-Masters.net

To Submit Art:

1. Please forward small jpeg’s (maximum 100 kilobytes) of the art you want to place on our web site to info@art-masters.net for our review.

2. Only the artist can submit their own art. Provide information about the artist, i.e. history of the art and/or a short biography. Also advise whether you are interested in selling original art and/or giclées.

3. Art-masters will contact you regarding your request. Art-masters will provide the artist with all the details/arrangements once art-masters approves the artist for the web site.

4. There is no charge to the artist for participating in the art-masters web site for the first year, up to a maximum of 12 images. Art-masters reserves the right to accept or reject any artist solely at the discretion of art-masters.

For more details email us at: info@art-masters.net



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