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Custom Giclée Reproductions

Setup Procedures for production & printing of custom Giclées for artists and publishers:

The artist/publisher will provide:
… the original artwork
… or a professionally photographed 4x5/8x10 transparency with colour bars
… or a digital RGB file at a minimum 240 dpi at the full size required for printing.

We will professionally photograph the original artwork,
… or scan the transparency at the appropriate resolution
… or check the digital file to ensure printability.

A colour correction will be performed by our technicians to ensure the accuracy of the digital file, compared to the original art.

Art-masters will generate a printer’s proof for the artist’s approval.
This will be done at a smaller scale (12” wide) or, at the discretion of the artist, a full size print to ensure the artist’s complete satisfaction with the final image.

Several printers’ proofs may be required. These can be sold by the artist as printers’ proofs as part of the Limited Edition.

Our Giclées are unique archival quality prints, that appeal to the artist who wants the best image quality that will stand the test of time.

Our knowledge and expertise in colour correction lets us create images that reflect the rich colours, textures and high definition you want to see, just like the original.

We have been producing Giclées for the past 10 years using the latest state of the art equipment.

We produce Limited Editions for over 100 artists in Canada and abroad. Our giclées look so real, even the artist can’t differentiate them from their originals.

Our Giclées are produced using Special Archival materials & UV inhibiting formulas that are unique to our Giclées, printed on premium 100% cotton canvas and substantially exceed manufacturers’ printing specifications.

After the artist approves the proof, we will proceed with printing & production.
The artist can order as little as 2 giclées at a time, depending on the size,
and thereafter order his/her giclées on demand.

Printing further giclées at a later date, i.e. in 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years,
will still always produce the same image quality and colour as the first time.

The digital files will be stored in our special archives, and can be extracted for printing as required by the artist.


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